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At Movers Near Me, LLC, we offer a wide array of moving services, including packing and cleaning.  so if you need a little assistance, give us a call at (828)365-8056.

Packing Tips 

Below are 10 packing tips when moving or boxing your valuables. Take the stress and hassle out of moving by packing the right way to ensure efficiency on move day. The more prepared you are before your movers arrive, the less time your move will take, which of course saves you money! Follow these tips to make your packing and moving experience easy.

Closing a Box

Packing Tip #1

Start your packing way ahead of moving day


Don’t procrastinate! We understand that sometimes a move is last minute, but when this isn’t the case, start early. Packing two or three boxes a day can make a big job feel less stressful.

Closing a package

Packing Tip #2

Pack similar items together


Delicate stemware, for example, should be packed with glassware and other fragile items, not with books or heavy items. 

Fragile Box

Packing Tip #3

Mark the outside of boxes


Make sure to do this as you pack to keep it efficient. Using a permanent maker write the name of the room on at least two sides, and what items you have in each one. Marking boxes with fragile items, such as glassware, is important so that your movers know which items to take EXTRA special care of. In our experience, avoiding more complex color-coded systems is typically better to keep things nice and simple.

Crumpled Brown Paper

Packing Tip #4

Use A LOT of paper


Paper is your best friend for keeping items organized and safe during your move. Paper will help prevent small and loose items from slipping out of boxes during transportation. When packing boxes, it is always a good practice to fill any empty space with paper to prevent shifting and boxes being crushed. Any paper will do, but newspaper print or packing paper works best.

Postal Boxes

Packing Tip #5

Keep boxes under 30 pounds


By keeping boxes under this threshold, you make moving a lot easier for you and your mover. Remember you’ll need to be able to move these boxes around at your new home.

Back to School

Packing Tip #6

Don’t leave boxes open or untaped


Make sure all boxes have at least three strips of tape on the bottom, and one on top. DO NOT fan fold the top and call it a day. This ensures your mover will be able to stack them properly. Leaving open boxes can make it take more time for your move to be completed (cost to you.)

Bubble Wrap

Packing Tip #7

Wrap fragile items in paper or bubble wrap


Individually wrap all delicate pieces such as dishes and cups. Wrap delicate china and stemware in tissue paper or bubble wrap, making sure all edges, rims, and corners are protected. The more paper the better.

Armchair and Dresser

Packing Tip #8

Empty furniture that has a door or drawers


A common request we get is to move furniture that is still full of clothes or miscellaneous items. While this is TECHNICALLY possible, there are a few reasons this isn’t ideal. Besides the extra work it makes for the mover, it isn’t good for heavy items. When moving these, it is often necessary to tip or tilt the piece for transport. Furniture such as dressers are more likely to break with the added weight of clothes, and this is a headache we all want to avoid.

Cardboard Box

Packing Tip #9

Fill your boxes all the way


Now this one seems silly but it’s important to remember this packing tip for sure! When packing boxes make sure you fill the box COMPLETELY. A good way to make sure you get every nook and cranny is to keep packing paper close.

Pile of Boxes

Packing Tip #10

Pack all loose items


The biggest saver of money on move day is to keep loose items to a minimum. If it is able to fit in a box, pack it. Not only will this protect your belongings, but it will save your mover time. Securing your items keeps everyone happy.

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